Integral Embodied Self-Initiating Youth Gatherings

Austria(n Alps), Europe | 1-5 May 2024 

Our intention is to share a space with integrally-inspired beings (from Gen Z & Y)
to co-create how we want to move in the world.
What do we want to see more of in the world? How can we generate these changes?

The IYG offers a supportive field for inquiring into these questions
and for embodying our answers more fully in the world.


.To see how the co-founder
of Extraordinary Life
talks about the IYG,

you can watch this short video


We are weaving a net of trust, meaning that:

All co-creators/participants have had at least one authentic conversation with one of the IYG organizers
about joining this space, to check if there is alignment for joining the gathering.

up to 50 co-creators total

Gen Z & Gen Y (Millennials) = 18 - 42 years old
[18+ because it would drastically increase the legal complexity]

Qualities of Co-Creators

integrally-open & excited about Wilber's Integral (Theory &) Practice,
which is our common reference point/shared framework to orient what is happening & what we want to happen.


We have put together the 10 key aspects
of Integral Theory for this Gathering ...

... in this walkthrough video

See a snapshot of our full Miro-infographic below
(click here to open the original & comment).

For those interested in our sources,
here is another widely-used introduction to the integral approach. 


We are relating in an intentional culture
inspired by Circling Europe & Authentic Relating.
We are cohering a safe & brave emergent space
to show up  & live the human experience more fully.

The central elements are the 5 relational orientations inspired by Authentic Relating
that will be shared during the enrollment process.
They rest on top of the foundation of self-including (and respecting not self-including).

There are no boundaries imposed on us by the location
(apart from taking care of the property and upholding the liberal Austrian law).
Our only group-enabling constraint is that
we don't need to ingest any state-altering substances
(since we will most likely experience many extraordinary states of consciousness
through connecting & being in touch with ourselves already.)

What will happen is entirely up to us.

As such, we practice self-responsibility, which to us means that
everyone self-initiates to meet their own needs and can offer to fulfill wishes of others.

This is a space for us to just happen around each other with what feels real to us.
The main desired outcome is that we more deeply realize what it's like to be human.



4 Nights 

1-5 May 2024 

at the

Retreat-Hotel NaturSinne

in the Austrian Alps, between Vienna and Graz
(Kampichl 60, 2871 Zöbern, Austria, EU)

(if you don't speak German, set the auto-generated subtitles to your language of choice)

We have the whole location to ourselves!

It's a 3-star hotel
with designer-styled & 50 freshly renovated unique rooms
with a Sauna, piano room
and much more.


While German (with an endearing accent ;) ) is the main language in Austria,
English is our lingua franca & default language at this gathering.

Ecological responsibility 

is a given to us, which is another feature of this location. It has

- an award-winning water treatment plant

- photovoltaic installation

- brand new wood-based heating system

Arrival & Departure

We are organizing shuttles from the closest train station (10min) "Aspang Markt",
which can be reached directly in ~1h from Vienna's primary train stations.

And there might be a possibility to stay at the location 1-2 days prior or later,
depending on if there will be other groups right before or after,
which the location will confirm up to 2 weeks before.


We practice a co-creator mindset that lets us grow up from a consumer role,
meaning that you are very much encouraged to share your own gift with us,
e.g. in the form of a workshop.

Gifts that were shared last year included:

Opening & closing the gathering with Developmental Ecstatic Dance

An Open Space day - using a proven pattern to emerge our wishes for a full-day in real-time 

We-Spaces inspired by Authentic Relatingand Circling®

Emergent Music Sessions towards the end of the gathering

Parallel Women's - and Men's Circle

Swedish hosted Sauna Sessions

The beauty is that we can always come back to our inner center &
choose to meditate or rest.
Food is already organized :)


The principle for meeting our physical needs is that of a potluck,
but instead of everyone bringing their own food & tents,
we got ourselves a fancy hotel at a dream destination &
organized a vegan & Aryuveda-informed chef,
who has known the location for years, and will support us,
turning fresh ingredients into delicious meals. 

(everyone will have the opportunity to cook and
serve the larger holon/whole by supporting to keep hygiene-standards high once)

 Our aim is to keep everyone's financial contribution at 333€  (!)
and keeping the financials transparent & simple for all co-creators.

With this, we are creating an all-inclusive experience for ourselves
hotel room, 2 cooked meals plus breakfast and awesome amenities.


reach out to one of us Co-Leads here:


Kaja's LinkedIn

Current Co-Leads (IYG 2024)

Jana's LinkedIn

Jakob's LinkedIn

Main Organizer 2023

Co-Founders &
First Generation Co-Leads (2023)

Lennart's LinkedIn

Supporting Organizer 2023
& Idea-Originator 

or directly schedule a call to check if there’s alignment for you joining:

Send an (informal) email to
if you want to receive our newsletter.

We will close enrollment on the 15th of April 2024
to finalize preparing the gathering.


We gave a workshop & presentation at the Integral European Conference (IEC) 2023:

This is a space for us to create what we want to see in the world!